Little Falls
Remains of Logging Splash Dam
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Splash Dam South Trail
Splash Dam South Trail was completed in July 2012.
THANKS!! to the many volunteers that helped make this possible!
The Splash Dam South Trail is a 3.1 mile connecting trail segment built on the south side of the Blackwater River on the new Little Canaan Wildlife Management Area (previously Canaan Valley Institute property) and National Youth Science Foundation properties, with funding provided through a WV Department of Highways Recreational Trails Program award. This trail connects the town of Davis and Blackwater Falls State Park's River Road Trail with trails on the south side of the Blackwater River and with the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge's Swinging Bridge Trail and the Camp 70 bridge.
Access is available across the Camp 70 bridge (follow the old road uphill & turn right across the wooden footbridge) or at Aqua Drive near Davis. Trail head parking is available at the Camp 70 bridge or near the bridge on Route 32 near Davis - not at Aqua Drive.
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!The big dc\md\va bike club MORE, (Mid-atlantic Off-Road enthusiasts) had their 20th anniversary campout at BWFSP Sept.21-23.
Sue (Haywood) and myself (Todd Romero) led an adventurous 20 mile ride, ending with hellbender to splash dam. It's even the out of towners' all around favorite trail. This is a quote from some of the discussions on their message board thing I thought you might like to read:
"Had great time on my first MORE camping trip. Kudos to Phil and everyone else who had a hand in this. Really good vibes going around. Awesome intermediate ride and pot luck dinner on Saturday and perfect timing for the Autumn colors. I would have to say my favorite trail was Splash Dam. I don't think I've ever had so much fun on a trail with pretty much no change in elevation."
!Thanks for the tip. The trail is beautiful. There are so many different varieties of trees and plants on that trail. Whoever made the trail did a great job. ~Sigrid